Mister Morpheus, the weird dreams are spreading

We have the 20 week ultrasound today, and the babby is kicking away in preparation. He/she isn’t the only one: last night A. dreamed about the whole procedure. In it the nurse told him that we were having a baby boy, and then I immediately insisted on naming him Ray. “I just love the name ‘Ray’ so much, we have to do it,” I told him.

Which is news to him and me both. I can only assume the universe is telling him this because Franklin has been found:

Lost Franklin expedition ship found in the Arctic

And Ray 1 or Ray 2 is tagging along in the universal wake. Awwwww, better go rewatch some Due South!

I am curious to see how the sex question turns out. A. has had some prescient dreams in the past. To be continued!



2 thoughts on “Mister Morpheus, the weird dreams are spreading

  1. We’re waiting to find out the sex until the baby is born, but I’m sort of hoping I can somehow intuit it before then. Part of that has been paying attention to my dreams, and while so far I haven’t had any dreams about my specific baby, the dreams I’ve had about babies in general have been about 1.) a single girl, 2.) girl twins, 3.) boy-girl twins, 4.) a single boy, and 5.) another single girl. So far a bit girl-heavy, but far from conclusive. My husband also had a dream about twins once. I mentioned my dreams in passing to my midwife, and she said, “No, I don’t think you’re having twins.” And then proceeds to tell me that while it is super rare, she does know of a few cases where the ultrasound showed, say, a single boy, and then later out come twin girls. I don’t *think* I’m having twins, but…


    1. Oooh, I like all the twin dreams. You never know…babies are sneaky sneakers. Though your ultrasound seemed so clearly defined, I suppose you would’ve seen it there? Or maybe “twins” stands for something else in your brain, something multifaceted? NO WAY could I be over/underthinking this! (Most of my thinking wants to go toward The Shining and or references to things like Janus, but hey, it is a common sickness.)

      Anyway, I’m envious–I’ve had a single baby dream, and it mostly involved me trying to keep the little thing from smothering on a blanket, which she seemed determined to do. I’m still impressed with Adam’s dream track record. He’s had dreams about school acceptances and job acceptances, and I tell him his subconscious is the only part of him not beaten down by false (IMO) modesty. So we’ll see how this one stacks up…


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