PS: no, I won’t be looking at anyone’s leaked nudie pics

Because I won’t support cretins who steal people’s private stuff, and also I really could not care less about seeing famous folks’ junk.

Moving on! A. and I watched The Godfather 3 for the first (and last) time this past weekend. My one sentence review: wow, that was terrible. But we’d recently watched parts 1 and 2, and were feeling completist. I sort of wish we’d just watched Heat or something else of the later-Pacino oeuvre, because honestly, if you’re going to go for BIGFACE YELLY PACINO TIME you might as well go all out.

It is too damn hot here. The dog smells like the creek, which was extra smelly today, and our wall is still emoting with the ominous internal dripping noises of a leaky pipe, while the plumber isn’t coming until next week. When we were picking through the plumbers in the phone book we noticed that several have rather predatory-sounding names. Think “Lyon Plumbers” or “Baer Snaking” or you know, “Give Us All Your Money Gojira Pipeworks.” Confidence, it has been inspired.

And it is still too hot.


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