Spammy spam and acronyms, among other unmentionables

Been getting lots of (auto-queued for deletion) spam comments that are written like fragments of a conversation. “I disagree, Becky, her butt is so big.” Or “I dunno, I still think that Wonder Woman’s skirt is too short.” Sometimes I wonder if they’re born of a digital copyeditor ghost, one that trawls through my entries and cherry picks words and phrases from many unrelated blog entries, and hopes I’ll see a connection and respond.

But then, I’ve also gotten plenty of weird brand name purse spam. Because I talk about my Coach bags on here so much, I guess? Eh.

In other news, hanging out in only baby/pregnancy forums and websites can be maddening. (Also, the sun rises in the east, but you know. You have to experience these things first, right?) It took me ages to figure out that the acronym “FTM” thrown about with such confident abandon did not mean “Full Time Mom” but “FIRST-time Mom.” Although SAHM/D was a little easier. (aka Stay-At-Home Mom/Dad) Also “BH”, which I believe stands for “Braxton Hicks [contractions]” which I think may be fake or sneaky contractions, but haven’t bothered to look it up yet. And I haven’t even begun to discuss the goddamn shame and fear, fear and shame cycles. Although to be fair, these horrible, inevitable cycles are mostly propagated by magazines and sites that are funded by baby product manufacturers, because shit, man, we can’t just use sturdy secondhand cribs because they MIGHT. FUCKING. BREAK! Killing your baby! Making you the worst first-time mom ever! Congrats, shithead!

Ahem. It’s six a.m., and already I’ve imbibed too much internet.

In other news, I may have tentatively signed up for a Pregnancy & Ulcerative Colitis (& You!) study being done by UC San Diego. Sounds like it’s mostly about seeing how UC meds affect growing babies. I’m really excited about this, as I feel like this should definitely be one of the side benefits of my getting pregnant–use me for research, science! I beg you! I’ll keep updating here as I get more news about the study and what it entails.

As is my wont lately, here’s a link to a good rant from Chuck Wendig:

A PSA About Nude Photos

(My fingers wanted to type Nudge Photos, but those wouldn’t get nearly as much press, would they?)

Okay. BRB, gotta go measure the distance between crib slats.


2 thoughts on “Spammy spam and acronyms, among other unmentionables

  1. (It has been so hard for me to not respond to your pregnancy posts until we were in the Officially Announcing phase.)

    But, god, yes, the shame-n-fear. I’ve had to swear off checking a pregnancy forum I’d been lurking around, because even in the guise of support and community, there was still the undercurrent of shame-n-fear. So far, left to my own devices, I’ve been pretty relaxed and confident about this pregnancy (which is kind of weird; I tend to worry and overthink about everything), but reading the forums I start to get angsty comparing myself to everyone else. There was one thread I read recently about feeling the baby move, and there were people saying they could feel it at 14 or 12 or in one case as early as 10 weeks, and here I am thinking, “Well, what’s wrong with me/my baby that at 16 1/2 weeks all I’ve got are tiny little bubbly maybes that could just be my imagination?” After dwelling on it some more I realized that saying that you can feel your baby move at 10 weeks is basically like saying that your child was reading by age two and that you sew all its clothes by hand and also make homemade organic play-doh. I’d been planning to ignore the whole mommy wars thing, but I guess I didn’t realize that it started in utero.

    Also, I would have assumed the acronym FTM to mean “female to male” and been even more confused than you I think.


    1. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, by the way! :D

      It’s really dispiriting to see that crap in pregnancy forums, yeah–it’s as if we can’t help it. (Also, 10 weeks, my ASS, Supermom! Come ON.)

      HAHAHAHAHA, my first reading of FTM was that, too! I thought, “wow, this community is so friendly to transitioning men that they self-identify without hesitation! Neat!” Let’s not parse that too closely, nor my optimism that the internet is that friendly to anyone of any stripe.


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