Terminate your complaining!

I love it when my spam comments are bossy.

What am I doing these days? Currently, I’m moving! Because A. and I are fools, we decided not to rent a moving truck or hire movers, since our funds are low, and just move everything in our car and truck. This means we are moving super slowly, over a week, rather than in a weekend. What a great idea, yes? Because moving into our first house without any assistance while working full-time AND while pregnant, that’s when you should attempt to show the world you are Independent and Capable of Adult Behavior.

What this experience has taught me is that to truly be Capable of Adult Behavior, you must have money to hire movers. (I suspect pregnancy and child-rearing will only add similar files to this new archive of realization.)

But there have been no hormonal storms of tears, or big fights, or rage attacks at the fact that the chairs and comfy couch is at the new house rather than the apartment and I have to -gasp- sit on the floor while I nurture this uterus fruit with healthy food. Nothing YET.

The actual victim in all this nonsense is, unsurprisingly, my writing. I’ve decided that instead of kicking myself every morning this week for not having energy to get up early (the only time in my current schedule open for writing) I’m going to take a week off, and here’s the key point: NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. Next Monday, I can start up again.

For your own inspiration, here’s a great post from Chuck Wendig’s blog about writing while working:

Tom Pollock: Writing Around A Day Job


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