Spicy Not Spicy

I checked out the free pdf of Leanne Brown’s cookbook Good and Cheap (via the NPR article link, here’s a link directly to the PDF) and it looks excellent, a great way to incorporate more veggies, more regularly while also showing us a glimpse to our future eating habits, once I pop out the baby and we realize we can’t afford house payments AND groceries. Ha, ha, ha. Let’s have a baby, what a great idea!

It does seem like a great idea–eating well for $4 a day. But it requires cooking abilities, or even the energy to plan AND cook, something I usually lack by the end of the workday. It’s worth it, but there’s going to be a learning curve for some. Hopefully this cookbook would or will inspire people to learn–or seek out cooking resources if they’ve never been that into it, or never learned how.

Anyhoo, it definitely got me hankering for dal, so I’m making some lentils. (And a sponge cake, but so what? Dessert is extremely important to growing babies.) The only caveat I feel just glancing through, one that may well disappear once I actually make a bunch of these delicious-sounding things*, is that there’s a lot of hot spiciness for flavor, something my large intestine politely refuses. Or not so politely, depending on who’s nearby and what their thoughts are on sounds emanating from the Great Bowel. But I’ll really need to make a bunch of these recipes before I can judge them in that regard, so I’ll hold that worry for now.

Now I’m thinking about foods with mild yet powerful flavor (or in other words, NOT spicy, just…bursty?) and I’m hankering for pupusas. Time to learn to make a passable American version of something delicious.


*PEANUT SAUCE PEANUT SAUCE NUM NUM NUUUUUM. Also, polenta fries! Polenta, period! Eight varieties of popcorn! Perogies! (Pierogies?)



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