Well, it’s happened. You know. IT.

And I ain’t talking about Cousin It, or Hairy Mary Magdalene (who, as these twitpics would suggest, was a close relative of the Itster). Nor am I referring to this horrifying IT:


(It is a fact universally acknowledged that IT as clown is so much more terrifying than IT as massive giant spideralienthingie. Obviously.)

Now that I’ve scarred you with Tim Curry and hairy pop culture/biblical sculpture, I can get down to what IT really is:

IT is a baby. Yep. A. and I are having a baby. Which makes me feel like I should watch THIS, although I’ve never seen it before:

It happened so quickly it was almost frightening, like all the appropriate organs were just raring to go. I’ve been reading and reading and reading, and bookmarking and Pocketing and saving, and then reading and reading more, and scaring myself by learning about things like molar pregnancies. I’ve pretty much OD’d on Babby Formage: The Internet. I’ll probably link some of my favorites here as I go along. But overall we’re still really excited. As long as our child doesn’t get attacked by the ancient evil lurking by the creekside, waiting for its new cycle to begin in 2015. These risks of growing up, you know.

That reminds me, I need to watch Rosemary’s Baby again. In honor of my and A.’s fecundity, any suggestions for scary baby movies? Or happy baby movies, if that’s more your bailiwick. I’m feeling the need to exercise equal parts of fear and joy regarding both babby-formage and raising.


3 thoughts on “Well, it’s happened. You know. IT.

    1. I’m due around the end of January 2015! It has been going GREAT so far–freakishly clockwork, actually. I was expecting a lot more morning sickness-related awfulness, especially since most of the pregnancy blogs I’ve been reading seem to focus on vomiting and nausea. But not too much here. Which is nice.

      Things learned regarding stress/shocking events and miscarriage: hey, they’re not TOO closely related, usually. We had some really stressful and shocking family “excitement” happen in the first trimester, around when I had an initial appointment and ultrasound (8 weeks, give or take?). I was so sure that it would negatively affect the baby, or cause a miscarriage, that when we heard the heartbeat and saw the little flutter on the ultrasound, I burst into tears. Serves me right for unwittingly using cheesy 60s movies as my guide to all things miscarriage, I guess.

      You still in the planning stages?


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