Chinook, foehn, whatever

Whatever you want to call these winds, let me just tell you that damn, it is windy here. If I spent any time attempting hairstyles, I would be upset and wearing Grace Kellyesque scarves. (I’m still rocking the glam BluBlockers, of course.)

Was checking out my blog’s search terms yesterday, and apparently “body smell from lialda” regularly sends people here. I haven’t written about Lialda in years, and I never got around to trying it out as a replacement for 9 daily pills of generic Colazal, so I’m curious what about this blog brings that up. Perhaps “Jiggery-Pokery” just sounds stinky?

Am craving watermelon. Must find watermelon. It makes a nice change from my cellophane noodle craving, which has yet to rear its head this week—eh, never mind, it’s back. CELLOPHAAANE.



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