Deep breaths! Deep breaths. Deeeep–screw it, just pass the cherry slices.

Cherry slices are also the divil

Huh. So I thought the previous couple of weeks were stressful. Ha. Ha HA HA. It turns out that not only did I not know what actual stress was, I was in fact experiencing the equivalent of a delightful island vacation with free top-shelf margaritas.

In the event any of your loved ones have the misfortune and temerity to get into a horrible motorcycle accident, I hope you experience the same awe-inspiring burst of friends and family busting out to help in any way possible. It’s really the only way I think we all got through this last week without exploding/imploding from stress/stress/stress-eating of crappy candy.* So, even though probably ninety-six percent of you do not read this blog or know of its existence: thanks, awesome friends and family. Thank you from the bottom of my shriveled-from-stress heart. I love you.


*Cherry slices are never your friend. NEVER. Why is this so damn hard to learn?


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