Still breathing, still got my reflexes

A. are I are still feeling the pressure of LIFE, like we’re cowering on the cover of a Monty Python movie. But it’s getting better.

This makes me sad, however:

Talent-friendly Minnesota trumps a neighboring state

Schwan column: How we lost our ‘Spark’

Generally the type of response you get to articles like these is kind of flouncy. “Good riddance! Go ahead and leave, who needs you!” etc, etc. But this response is childish. And although I’m not particularly delighted with capitalism, it seems anti-business to the core, especially if you tout yourself as a pro-business state.

So anyway, shockingly, human beings do not look to spend 24-hour days at work. When you move someplace for a job, you look at so many other things besides the work office, the work culture, and the pay: you look at the state of things, the state of life. Landscape. Food. Environment. Good schools. Good healthcare systems and hospitals. Good libraries, hell, good public/community services in general. Diversity of community, whether you want it for people, culture, food, whatever. Diversity of stores and shops. BOOKSTORES. The internet might provide all at a reasonable shipping price, but it kills my soul to order most of my books online, or drive an hour to the nearest bookshop. And these are just my interests.

People usually move places for other reasons besides the jobs–and those other things are what I think SD needs to work on. I’m not in Sioux Falls, so I can’t speak to their attributes. But people can find jobs all over. And I think a lot of people’ll take a crappier job in a city or town they love over a better job in a place they hate–that’s not really rocket science. Until we start living in our workplaces (Hephaestus forbid), I don’t see this changing.

Unrelated: I discovered the site Clients From Hell, a bitching forum of sorts for freelancers in the spirit of Not Always Right. Freelancers click through at your peril!


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