Seriously, you mofos?

(Incidentally, when I type “mofos” my autocorrect helpfully adjusts it to “moos”. I’m not sure which is better.)

Pre-Existing Condition Bans: Are They Really Gone?

But the mix up raised a broader question – What about the requirement of the Affordable Care Act that prohibited pretty much all pre-existing condition exclusions as of Jan. 1, 2014? Under the law, the only plans that may continue to exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions after that date are individual plans that are “grandfathered,” or haven’t changed substantially since the law was passed in 2010.

It turns out that January 1 date wasn’t quite as set in stone as many have thought. “It’s more of a rolling plan year effective date,” said a spokesman for the Department of Labor, meaning as plans renew in 2014, pre-existing condition exclusions will get dropped.


poke the bear you get the hulk


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