Atlas was too laconic to even shrug

Reading the Rand

A. and I are reading Atlas Shrugged aloud. Guys, it is hilarious. For the longest time, I really didn’t want to read any Ayn Rand, because

a) There are so many other, better things to read, and my life is a finite one. If I were a vampire, perhaps then I’d be more inclined.

Solution a) I/we can put it down anytime that we decide okay, this just goddamn enough. Without any guilt. Not that I’ve had any completion guilt lately when it comes to finishing bad or mediocre books. See also “not a vampire” above.

b) Good lord, the time commitment. Also there’s a sixty or seventy-page radio speech in this book. Contrariness aside, this does not make me say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Solution b) One chapter every night or so. Read aloud. With voices. Not consciously funny voices, but honest ones. Prunes-and-prisms for Rearden’s mother, Richmond Avenal for Rearden’s brother Phillip, and so on. Although I really got into it the other night and still put A. to sleep, because of all the oversexed descriptions of metallurgy, metal-pouring, and lengthy misunderstandings with jerky Rearden family members. Still, this solution provides the perfect excuse for:

(Also I just learned that Roy/Chris O’Dowd is in Thor 2. Tell me, fellow Marvel fans, is this enough reason to see Thor 2Because despite my love for Roy, I am doubtful.)

c) What if it turns me into an Objectivist? What if I lose my mind and embrace the full jealously-hidden flower of happy selfishness? What if I name my baby Dagney? Or Cagney, or Lacey?

Solution c) Yeah, it’s too late for any of that. What can I say? The Lutherans got me young, and I am now too crippled by weird guilt to serve in the Randian cause.

Not-Very-Randian Recommendations

Since you’re probably not as masochistic or into doing character voices as I am, here are a couple of Ayn Rand links you might enjoy instead of reading her work:

a) Tank Riot’s Ayn Rand podcast (from 2009)

The guys from tropical Madison, Wisconsin discuss Ayn Rand (among many other things) and do a spot-on Phil Donahue impression.

b) Selling the Free Market: The Rhetoric of Economic Correctness (by Jim Aune)

I am not a scholar of rhetoric, and I enjoyed all of this book. The Ayn Rand chapter is gold, Jerry, gold.

c) George Saunders’ I Was Ayn Rand’s Lover

d) Ayn Rand’s Adventures in Wonderland (via Wonkette)

e) Ayn Rand’s The Breakfast Club (via Vera Said That? on tumblr)


Daily Writing Count

I’ve decided to try something new for writing motivation. I’m still using the Magic Writer’s Spreadsheet, but I’m also going to include my daily word counts here. So, today’s count is currently at 341. I’m working on the next novel (up to over 30,000 words, probably half of which will have to come out in the second draft, because they’re crap) and I had a story bunny last night after I got into bed. And then I actually got up out of that delightful warm bed and scribbled it down. Woo! Dedication!

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