A regular person in Everydayland

Saw this post and comments about weird jobs on terribleminds the other day and it inspired me to list out my own jobs. Not only do I not clear the strange bar, but I crawl miles beneath it. The obvious coalescing of aimless retail jobs into LIBERRY may have something to do with this. In chronological order, my official jobs (i.e. not counting the myriad lawnwork or house/babysitting stuff I did for neighbors):

– office worker, typing up shit for my dad. (And half the time, typing up stories, or rather the crappy little vignettes I thought passed for stories, on the company typewriter. After years of banging away on my mom’s old mammoth one, an electric typewriter with shoddy erasing capabilities was a-frickin-mazing to me. You can imagine the multiple strokes I underwent the first time I ever used a computer and discovered the delete key.)
– farmhand/veg picker, veg stand sales
– dime store clerk
– drugstore/pharmacy clerk
– theater scene shop tech
– interlibrary loan assistant/data entry tech
– hotel front desk clerk
– movie/video store clerk
– grocery co-op clerk and stocker
– library assistant, various libraries, various jobs
– librarian, university library
– freelance editor/proofreader/etcer
– archivist, university library

Not a lot of oddity there. I don’t think anyone regrets their weird jobs, especially those who had theirs for less than a week. (Too much strange without the benefit of pay or OSHA compliance can be wearing, obviously.) But I’m starting to think I might regret not having taken–or fallen into–anything odd. Unless I did  have an incredibly odd experience working that one summer and I’ve blocked it or had it removed from my memory. MOST INTERESTINGEST JOB EVER.


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