Bock, bock, bock: Lauds and libs for Easter

Yes, it’s a belated Easter edition of Laudations and Libations! Consume at your own risk.


1. Against all better judgment and amid the protests of my battle-hardened gall bladder, I decided to make these:

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs from Not Without Salt

Yes, they are disgusting…ly amazing. Let me tell you they’re very, very different from your store-bought Creme Egg. And I’ve learned from unimpeachable sources that there is a grave variance in egg size from country to country:

Mine suffer from major size variance, too, but it’s more in their uniformity. And they are insanely sweet and rich. I was able to eat half of one. ONE. You know those four-packs the Cadbury eggs come in? I could eat almost all of those without certain immediate death or pain–which, apart from embarrassing me, makes me think that there must be some super-secret sweet-overload-suppressing ingredient folded into all that fondant goodness.

Overall my version of the recipe made 16 eggs. They should last roughly two years in the freezer, I hope.

2. The IT Crowd

Right now it’s all on Hulu for the price of electricity and your internet connection. This show made me laugh and laugh at higher and higher frequencies until A. had to watch it with a finger plugging one ear. (Not that that’s an uncommon sight when we’re watching any comedic.) I learned yesterday that one of the big networks, probably inspired by the success of The [American] Office, was going to make an American version. I’m all for American versions, I guess, but if I watch both, I usually prefer the original. No offense to Joel McHale, but I’d be sad without Chris O’Dowd doing his little slumpy walk. I’m probably going to watch that pilot just to see if they let Moss keep his accent…

3.  WebMD will help you out

I’ve been looking at WebMD’s fertility and pregnancy planning calendar, and boy howdy, it is hilarious. Learn when to have sex! Learn when to let your man rest! Learn when you should take a hot bath! Little bees and flowers=super fertile lady time! It’s the anal-retentive hyper-organized planning tools like these that make me wonder how anyone manages to get pregnant by accident. And obviously I gravitate to them like a horny bee toward a willing flower.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’m a little shocked how much I liked this movie, especially since I’ve never been a big reader of CA comics. I guess these days that’s not so necessary, since the never ending stream of Marvel movies and their interlocking plots are more similar to the format of comics and their continuous, occasionally crisscrossing storylines than superhero movies have been in the past.

So much about it was superior to the first CA movie–although I think that movie did its (mostly expositional) job–in plot and pacing especially. It also gets high marks for good use of Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, and Scarlett Johanssen. And A. and I guffawed at the Pulp Fiction reference. I’m still thinking about the movie overall. I salute you, directors/writers/actors! Anyway: highly recommended, especially if you liked the first one. But if you’re a superhero fan like me and The First Avenger left you kind of cold, I definitely recommend this one.


I’m still enjoying the occasional 5.2 Decade Imperial IPA from Crow Peak, and I still think it’s their best beer.  A. and I also tried a couple of their brown ales, the BRYEdal Veil and the Landmark, and they were both great, too. Like big thick glasses of beer-bread. Mmmmmm.

Also, milk.

Otherwise I haven’t been very big on new or interesting libations lately, mostly due to the potential Formation of Babbies. I have rediscovered Good Earth’s sweet and spicy tea, so that’s nice. Although the Internet has reliably informed me* that the sweetness is horribly and evilly unnatural and inorganic and whatnot. But it’s too late. Can’t quit now–I’m addicted.


*That really is the oxymoronic pinnacle of anything ever, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Bock, bock, bock: Lauds and libs for Easter

  1. RE. #3 I just looked at Web MD’s fertility calendar and that is… kinda weird and specific (because who doesn’t want a website dictating which position to have sex in and whether or not the lady is allowed to orgasm?). I like Fertility Friend’s calendar better, since you’re inputting temp and, uh, mucus and cervix position, so you get a better idea of when you’re actually ovulating, rather than just plopping the ovulation date in the middle of your cycle like Web MD does. (We are not actively “trying” right now, but plan to be later this year, so right now I am just tracking my fertility for funsies.)


    1. I would REALLY like WebMD to elaborate on why an orgasm would mess with effective fertilization! It seems almost desperately detailed, or like someone was just making stuff up to see if people would actually detailed. (And along those lines, I’m particularly upset they did not mention anything about the Known Best Way to conceive a bishop.)
      Thanks for mentioning Fertility Friend, I will be checking that out. Best of luck in your future attempts!


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