Three links and two pipe-smokers make a post

50 Weird and Awesome Inventions from the Consumer Golden Age

Gotta say that when I clicked on this link I had no idea there even WAS a consumer golden age. Was this also the age that spawned all of our current “future” imaginings, I mean the optimistic ones like flying cars and pill meals? (Although come to reflect, a pill meal is not that delightful a prospect.) Anyway, the one that really kills me is the the “pipe for two.”


Nothing to see here, just two dudes sharing a pipe. Ahem. For economy’s sake. Welp, gotta get home and see what the wife’s doing. Smoke ya later!

Unrelatedly, from Delphi Psmith and Stupefying Stories comes this fantastic ebook anthology of the 2014 Campbell award nominees and their work:

Announcing the 2014 Campbellian Anthology

It’s DRM-free and only available temporarily, so go grab it now while you still can.

And finally, I have to retract my 2048 hate. Why? Because there is a Doctor Who version. GAAAAAAAH.


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