Get up-to-date with UpToDate, my fellow diseased!

Hey, remember those articles I mentioned last week in my pregnancy blog? You can access them here at UpToDate, along with this baby (note: not a real baby):

Patient information: Inflammatory bowel disease and pregnancy (Beyond the Basics)

Scroll down to the bottom of the article (or better yet, read it and scroll naturally as you go) and when you get to the WHERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION section, there they are, under “Professional level information.” I’d never heard about UpToDate before my doctor showed me. I’m not sure how much on it is free and available to patients, and how much is strictly doctor or subscriber-only, but it’s a great resource both for articles and for abstracts or links/info to other articles. So if you like to read dry medical articles about [your] disease, check it out.

More on potential baby stuff later. I mean, just kidding. I’m never going to mention it again. Back to movies, books, crappy candy, and poop. There might be diapers, but they’re for digestive-diseased adults only.


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