The Giver is coming!

I am stuck somewhere between squee and eeeurrrrgh.

I mean, I love this book. I haven’t read the others in the cycle (The Quartet, I guess it’s called), but I do plan to, eventually. And while the general look of the trailer makes the commune look more modern than I envisioned it, it works okay for me. Even the currently popular washed-out “it’s a sci-fi movie!” palette they’ve given it works with how I did envision the world of The Giver.

However, in the [admittedly short] eeeurrrrgh column:

– I love you, Jeff Bridges. But why are you and Ian McKellan the only bearded old dudes I see these days, when a big-budget movie calls for a bearded old dude? (With apologies to Bruce Dern, and I love you too, Ian McKellan.) You wanna know who I would cast, I bet. Oh yeah? Well, it would be GORDON PINSENT.

Yeah, that’s right. THIS GUY. Okay, so probably not that different from The Dude, but still. STILL.

But overall I think I’m interested.


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