There, write. There, castle.

Recently Writer’s Rumpus asked the following question:

Do you have a dedicated writing space? What does it look like? If not, where do you write?

Yes and no. But I suspect that laptops make it easier for writers who like to type to take their work around with them. Although my typewriter DOES have a neat little hard-topped carrying case with a handle, so it’s not like technology revolutionized everything. And speaking of pre-laptop tech, I used to be diehard about pen-and-paper first drafts. The idea of composing on computer? Used to freak me right out. And look at me now! Adapting human, look out world!

Anyway, workspace. Now that I’ve finally managed to cajole and bribe myself into being a part-time morning person*, this is where I work every morning:

ma desk

The desk was my dad’s, and before that, his mom’s. It’s gotten pretty beat up from moving around the country, but it’s still together. It’s comfortable enough, and it has all sorts of fun cubbyholes, which I have accordingly packed with all sorts of junk I will likely need ten years from now. The only thing that bugs me is the swing-down desktop. I harbor dear paranoid fantasies about it just busting right off one of these days. I’m sure those in the know about carpentry will set my mind at ease, though.

And, because I generally take my laptop for lunch break work, I’ll just include a shot of it here:


Macs are really stupidly expensive when you use them as glorified typewriters with internet. I have two of them. The first one, an ibook G4, I bought back in 2006, with typical great timing as this was just before Apple discontinued them and released the new ‘n shiny MacBooks.  Apart from that, if I’d bought a made-to-order PC laptop with comparable specs, the G4 was comparable in price. So A. and I went to the Apple Store and threw our money at them. And the Air is wonderfully, wonderfully light. But I think my next laptop will have to be more in line with my use, which does not require fance anything–just access to the internet, and a word processing program.

But there’s my space. There’s my stuff. Where’s yours?

Unrelatedly: I have Janelle Monae in my head today. Must be the gorgeous weather?



*For me, this has involved copious tea, early bedtimes during the week, and sleeping in on weekends. Yet another novel solution, brought to by caffeine, self-disgust, and gee I sure hope my work hours don’t change drastically anytime soon. But mostly the early bedtimes. Eh, whatever, adapting.

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