I’ve been traveling and sick for the past few days, so my blogging energy levels are pretty well smashed. However! I still have enough energy, apparently, to get all pissed about healthcare bullshit.

Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief

Despite the crappy situation he’s in, I’m really happy for this guy. He’s clearly a hardworking dude who’s been working hard (albeit for HIMSELF, gasp!) for a long time. He got healthcare when the exchanges opened. It’s excellent, in light of his astronomical medical bills, that he’s got enough pull to get help paying those bills by publicizing this stuff online. I think that is awesome. But it also slams home the fact that there are definitely people in his position who aren’t able to call on their friends and neighbors.

If what his insurer did to him is okay, it would affect everyone diagnosed with anything pre-January 2014. To my mind, if you say that pre-existing conditions can no longer be used against people, then that should be final, full stop. You don’t get to fuck around with cutesy loopholes like, “Oh, shucks, you were diagnosed with [insert crappy disease here] BEFORE that silly Obamacare rule went into effect. And you were uninsured! Ergo, don’t let the morgue door whack you on the way out.”

What’s the point of tossing out the pre-existing insurance denial haven if they can still use it when it suits them, on people who should be focusing on gearing up for surgery and healing instead of litigation? Am I missing something here? Someone help me out.


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