Chilblains and UC

I think I might have chilblains on my feet. Yes, I realize this is my own fault for tempting foot-fate in my assessment of baaaad internet ads. But chilblains! I just read about chilblains in Longbourn!* Since my first acquaintance with them came through Regency England, I want chilblains to stay there, damn it.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced chilblains along with ulcerative colitis? Is there a higher risk of chilblain development if you’re taking an immune system-suppressing drug? Or should I just be wearing my wool socks?

* Which is excellent, by the way, and you should absolutely read it if you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice but not so much a fan of all those Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett Boink sequels.**

** I mean, I get it. Yay, sex with sexy straight-laced proper gentlemen and ladies! It’s romantic! Better, it’s hot! But there are SO MANY. SERIOUSLY. Can’t we have some variety, sequelists? Like, say, Elinor and Willoughby? Or better yet, Wickham and Willoughby? Hmm. I probably should’ve checked around for fanfiction before writing this post.

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