An interesting article I read recently:

Should Men’s Products Fear a Woman’s Touch?

For years, Coca-Cola tried and failed to entice men to consume Diet Coke, its popular (among women) zero-calorie cola, packaged in a striking white can. But then the company introduced the zero-calorie cola Coke Zero, packaged in a black can, along with a male-centric marketing strategy, which has become increasingly blatant about gender since the soda hit the market in 2005…
The strategy clicked with male soda drinkers. While men had steered clear of Diet Coke because of its association with women, they flocked to Coke Zero. PepsiCo took a similar successful tack with Pepsi Max, the manly alternative to Diet Pepsi. And the Dr Pepper Snapple Group went all out with Dr Pepper Ten; the 10-calorie soda’s unapologetic slogan is “It’s Not for Women.”

Hence brands like Broga (yoga for bros) and Powerful Yogurt (“the first yogurt for men,” according to its website).


Spock eyebrow

Of course, what immediately came to my mind was FUCKING TEA:

NOT JUST FOR DAINTY BITCHES! Of course, it never was. Ask anyone from the former British empire.


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