Has the whole world gone crazy?


I’ve been seeing this Humira commercial on cable TV.

But I kept missing the first part, so at first I thought it was advertising Humira for acne–which is one of the common adalimumab side effects I’ve heard folks who take it bitching about online. I also always thought of it as a real intense medication, like Remicade, that had to be administered intravenously. But now, having watched the whole thing, I’m very happy (for my sanity) to learn the woman patient in the commercial suffers from psoriasis instead of acne. Even though her psoriasis is light brown and hidden beneath her hair and even a little blurred. Thanks for that, commercial!

Disclaimer: I’ve never taken Humira, generic or brand name. Please check with your doctor/dermatologist before using Humira, as it or other life choices may cause you to enjoy bowling or spontaneously combust.


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