Our Overall Worth

Links for today to stuff not written by me:

David Simon speech: ‘There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show’
When I first started reading this, I missed that it was a speech. Knowing that helps me deal with some of the rambliness of it. I’d be curious to know what any Marxists in the peanut gallery think?

On Feminism, Anti-Feminism, and the Things That Mystify Me
Now, a while ago (quite a while, actually) I wrote a post about a children’s movie with some pretty gross lady-hating themes, and I’ve managed to catch heck for it…There are people who are seriously mad at me for pointing out that the movie was, in addition to being a crappily-animated, source-text-destroying, dreckish disaster of a movie – it was also grossly antifeminist. Moreover, it fed into the baseless fears of the men’s-rights folks who seem to think that personal empowerment is a zero-sum game. That to empower women means to disempower men. And that the purpose of feminism is to throw men, collectively mind you, into the proverbial dust-bin of history.
Fantastic. I also love the art on her blog header, from the Iron Hearted Violet cover.

In other news, I have stopped reading internet comments. This isn’t a big deal here at my blog, since no one comments! But I used to read them at other places, and I’ve decided to stop that. They’re all so similar that there’s just no point–you can basically stick a virtual label over each one as you scroll down. KNEE-JERK AGREEMENT. KNEE-JERK DISAGREEMENT. DERAILER. DEFENSIVE BIGOT. CALM LOGICIAN LOST AND UNAWARE IN A SEA OF SLAPPY HANDS. MISOGYNIST. MISANDRIST. ATTEMPTED IRONIC. ATTEMPTED CRYPTIC. FLOUNCER. So I’m done. Maybe. FOR NOW.

Maybe some day I’ll come back and be the Flouncer Returned, Perhaps to Flounce Again.


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