Lauds and Libs, the South Dakota edition

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for a regional Laudings and Libations. Here are some things I’ve seen and enjoyed in the beautiful far-flung land of western South Dakota.

Winter barbecues
Fahrenheit 32 doesn’t scare these folks. The smell is heavenly, especially on a cold November night.

Good beer!
In other words, microbrews! Yes, the trend is happening here, too. The Firehouse Brewery’s Centennial Cream Stout is to die for. And there’s an imperial IPA (5.1 Decade) at Crow Peak that makes me want to drink only IPAs.

Skies like these
Wide sky
Bleak beauty. I love it.

Unrelated observations
An observation that leans to the weird or maybe non-laud, to round things out somewhat (and this might be limited to desk jobs, but I could see it happening in a vehicular job, too. Or really any type of job where you have some kind of regulated surroundings. Anyway):

Have you ever been at work, working right along, and you turn your head or look down and you suddenly see something you’ve never noticed before: a crusty fleck of something orange on the wall, or the floor, or the dash, or your chair? And you say, the hell is THAT. Has there always been this random crusty spot there? Did someone bump their sandwich into the wall a year ago? Or is it blood? Evidence of a crime of passion? Or office fingernail clipping? Did I touch when I hung up my coat? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN PEACEFULLY WORKING ALONGSIDE THIS THING? But then you forget and go back to work, because you don’t feel like cleaning it up until later and also eh, random crusty spot.

No? No one? Just me? You’re all secret crusty-spot-creators, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU.


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