Barkeep! OCD me!

Reading this Cracked article was like a kick in the head. The good kind, that is. Maybe that would be a kick in the pants, instead?

4 Things No One Tells You About Having OCD

I’ve never seen a description like #4 before, regarding OCD symptoms or anything else. I didn’t know other people felt that way, too. (Which in turn points me to #1.) Hell, every time I do feel that way, I also revisit its old accompaniment: that feeling this way must be a sign that I shouldn’t have kids because they’ll turn out to be miniature Dahmers and Bundys.*

Although I could just have some kind of personality disorder that leads me to over-identify with everything I read about today. I’m almost certain that was covered on an episode of You Are Not So Smart. Or I’ve fallen into the daily Internet self-diagnosis trap.

In conclusion, here’s my dog with a frog:

Just open the door

*Never mind that generally I prefer the nurture over the nature argument, or at least an equal combo of their influence and importance , as opposed to the blood-will-out mindset.


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