More snow.

Snowy porch

It’s snowing. Again. It is snowing AGAIN. I realize my propensity is to consider this white bounty a welcome back/love letter/smoochy kiss from the North Heartland, as I have missed it heartily, but enough, weather! Think of the power outages! Think of the dead cattle and sheep! Think of the dang ol’ shutdown hindering the cleanup efforts and for the love of thundersnow, stop already.

Hopefully the above will disrupt whatever snow-seduction my psyche has been transmitting.

After reading through the feeds this morning, I’m glad I’m not an autograph hound:

Sylvester Stallone charged $395 per autograph at NYCC

I know at least one person who’d probably be down for paying that. Hell, I’d throw down forty bucks for Joel Grey. Relatedly, I’m still weirded out by non-SF movies promoting themselves at a comic con. But this is not news.


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