Listen to your chart.

A while ago I signed up to take part in research surveys with CCFA Partners. They send me an updated version every six to twelve months or so. This time they had charts! Here’s my disease activity:

Yes, it’s true. I am in less than clinical remission. It’s amazing. Also amazing is that my quality of life doesn’t reflect this super-relaxed state of colon:


If ulcerative colitis is my life, and remission allows the Good Life, I should be rumpusing it up at 65 or 70, shouldn’t I? What does this chart mean?

1) At this particular point in my life, my quality of life is low due to factors outside of ulcerative colitis but not completely divorced from it, such as relocating, losing my job and my trusty health insurance, and therefore stressing more than normal about my healthcare options and costs, future purchases, necessities like food and rent, money in general, and recursively, my quality of life and stress levels. Okay, yeah, this is probably what the chart means. But just for fun, it could mean:

2) My quality of life is low due to factors completely outside of and divorced from ulcerative colitis, or

3) I’m a low-quality-of-life type of gal. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you what a Debbie Downer I am. I mean, look at all those humorless posts about gay marriage and healthcare discrimination! Doooowwwwner.

Charts, man. How do they work? While I ponder that, have some Roxette:

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