So it is written.

Got my first rejection letter today. I suppose it’s a milestone. After I did the requisite moping, I straightened up and sent the novel to the next publisher on my list–that would be my very small list of publishers who accept slush. To be continued, again.

In other news, I have a job interview on Friday. Not a great trade-off, but the possibility of money and benefits is always welcome.



2 thoughts on “So it is written.

  1. Hey, but congrats on sending it out. I kinda have novel stuff on hold until after the honeymoon, but I’ll be collecting rejection letters soon, too. And in the mean time I am worrying about having to write The Perfect Query Letter.


  2. Thanks! And good luck to you, I hope your submission process goes well. I’ve been overdosing on articles/blog posts about queries and summaries and cover letters, and yet I really don’t think I’ve learned anything yet.


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