An inspiration to us all

Maggie Koerth-Baker and others at Boing Boing have been writing about fecal transplants for a few years now*, and despite my avid interest in crap and crap therapy, I haven’t been paying too much attention. Which is stupid, I know, but I blame my inattention on the excess of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s reading matter I’ve ingested in the last ten years. (Plus the whole hookworms thing got my hopes up, and so far, no dice on that gut fix.) But this sounds doable. It’s a story from the NY Times about a young dude with UC, and the friend who cared enough to donate her inordinately healthy crap:

Why I Donated My Stool

Shit enema or shit immune system? I’ll take the former, please. It’s hard not to want to find similarity in his story–he was told he’d have to go on immunosuppressants to curb the awful symptoms, I was told that ten years ago and here I am today, still on Imuran, now and forever, supposedly. While I’ve heard that every case of ulcerative colitis is different and depends on the individual, I can’t help hoping when I read something like this. Could this work for me, too? After all, if pharmaceuticals work for more than one person and can be prescribed widely, why not a therapy like this?

It makes me laugh (and also pains me) how grossed out people are by poop. I have to remind myself that just because A. and I are very comfortable talking about my crap and his crap and crap in general, that doesn’t mean other people aren’t scandalized by the offhand mention of shitcan business. And that’s okay! Crap should rightfully be considered gross to humans! It can transmit disease or something. It smells bad. It’s very unattractive to look upon. But once you’ve spent ten years — or hell, even a few years — in the company of collection containers, enemas, and colonoscopies, you will likely find, as I did, that you just don’t care anymore whether or not it’s gross. These days, to me? It’s just poop. And if someone else’s crap can make me feel better without crushing my immune system or sucking my bone density or attacking my white blood cells, then by god, shoot me up, sir.

Or ma’am. Or whatever. Really, I’ve no qualms about using Gonzo crap if it would work.

* Links to a few (most of which are replete with my favorite type of bowel humor: the pun):

The Problem With Fecal Transplants

FDA clenches down on fecal transplants

Poop transplants meet FDA bureaucracy

DIY turd-transplants

And look, here’s a video on how to do it yourself! At home!


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