More like give your kid a bunch of infrastructure and THEN take 30% of their goddamn ice cream.


I do not know the source of this image (although I did make the paltry effort to do a google image search complete with upload thingy) but it keeps popping up on my facebook feed. It annoys the SHIT out of me. Eh, infrastructure. Who cares about the road you took to get to the fucking ice cream, or the  building code for the ice cream shop, or the fucking oversight that (mostly) prevents you from getting fucking moldy-ass poisonous ice cream. What matters, obviously, is that you should get all the ice cream all the time! Because you PAID for it! Just like you’re paying for those other things, through taxes! Wait. Shit. I better eat some ice cream, it’ll help me think better.

Why don’t you just admit it, sign? You’re not teaching about tax. You’re secretly creating a generation of people who’d take ice cream from a baby. You bastards.


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