Diagnosis of terminal illness = no longer worth the effort

What absolute utter bullshit. You should go read about it right damn now:

Insuring the Terminal Patient

Well, here’s a news flash: we’re ALL going to die! The purpose of medicine is to keep us as healthy as possible while delaying that inevitable long-term outcome as long as possible.

The way I see it, chronic incurable diseases aren’t too far behind this. I know we have the supposed support of the Affordable Health Care Act and that starting January 1, 2014, no insurance company will be allowed to question my shittier-than-the-average-bear’s genes. But sometimes January 1st seems like a long way off. Since A. and I will be moving and I’ll lose my work coverage, I’m getting on COBRA for six months. I can’t go on his coverage as a dependent because it doesn’t cover dependents’ pre-existing conditions for a year. Not sure how this will coincide with the January 1st deadline. So I opt for COBRA, overcautiousness, and enforced poverty. Fucking COBRA is fucking expensive.


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