Have words, will write

It’s nearing the end of the month, and I’m revisiting my Short Story Month goal of a story per week. As of today I’ve completed one and nine-tenths stories. Not quite the four I was hoping for, or even a round number, but I’ve got two days and I’m going to make them count. I can’t decide whether next month should be a continuation of SSM, or if I should mix it up a bit. I’m leaning continuation.

For sheer get-those-words-down shame, the magical spreadsheet has helped immensely. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s having issues with procrastination or carving out some writing time. I also found it helpful for breaking free of the idea phase of a story, and for nipping one of my big annoyances: the pointless anxiety that I am somehow wasting time with work on the Wrong Story, or the story that, after completion, will be found wanting and ripped apart for scrap. AKA, a waste of time.

This is so obviously a ridiculous and wrong-headed fear that I hate to admit I suffer it, even briefly. I know it’s wrong, I know that for especially for me, the importance is in getting the first draft out and then playing around with it. It doesn’t matter if I eventually scrap the story. If I don’t put it on literal or digital paper, it’ll die in my head–usually with a wholly unjustified overpolished sense of itself, too.What a great, stupid cycle. So naturally, stomping on this foolish impulse feels great. Thanks, Magic Spreadsheet!


The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

A.’s outward reactions to A Feast for Crows. (so far, fewer vocal outbursts)


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