Bionic and Chosen, together at last.

Am watching a Bionic Woman rerun (thanks again to the ever fantastic MyTX) and wow, Jaime Sommers sure reminds me of Buffy Summers. It probably doesn’t help that this particular episode features psychedelic inhalants, prismy hallucinatory effects, and a werewolf Chewbacca costume. Also Gary Lockwood is costarring as one of the presumed baddies, so my geek-o-meter is bouncing all over the place.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.02.13 PM
Jaime ponders the mysterious sparkly Chewbacca vision.


The episode: The Night Demon.

Relatedly, I seem to remember Buffy sporting red flannel at one point, but my trivia knowledge is lacking. Although here’s something from season 2:

(from Buffy World)

So, Sommers and Summers? Any connection? Any academic papers? I know without looking that there’s fanfic, because fandom surpassed my expectations before I was born/reading.

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