Sweet Baby Cheesus

Click on over to Jay Lake’s blog to see glorious, glorious cheese. It was so infectious that after reading I had to go cut up an apple and some seriously inferior extra-sharp cheddar.

[cheese|photos] The Paradise Lost cheese spread

Am currently enjoying a little evening MyTX, the Waco TV channel I used to think of as Mythics until A. corrected me about where we live again. As a rule, I’m easily phonetically influenced. They show a mix of what seems geared toward an older, possibly retired audience: semi-oldie shows and movies, and commercials for knee braces and disposable catheters. The last commercial just asked How much fecal weight are YOU holding? I dunno, but I’m now motivated to find out. Probably more due the continuing wane of the flare, which is a Good Thing.

Anyway, so far this week appears to be Rock Hudson-themed: some show called McMillan and Wife (Hudson and someone who looks like Katharine Ross). They’re solving a crime in a Scottish castle, and I swear to god, there have been two bagpipe parades so far and a mysterious bad guy (who tried to murder Not-Katharine-Ross with a giant pole) escaped using one of them. The St. Paddy’s Day Parade reaches everywhere, folks, even to Scotland.

A. quit Facebook and started a Tumblr:

Saw it in Texas

It’s a pretty accurate representation of our life here so far.

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