Honey packets inna pocket

I didn’t do a Thankful Things post for Thanksgiving. Probably because I was too busy being thankful that I could eat turkey, ham, and some tasty piles of vegetables mixed with various sugars and fats. Mmmmmm. Thanks, colon, for keeping it together.

Instead I submit to you this Hurray! list. As in, Hurray! The google search terms “doop lung” direct folks to my blog. Hurray lists can be done anytime and are therefore simultaneously more fun and less effective. But infinitely! More! Exciting!


— The honey packets I have been ferrying around in my pocket for weeks — they did not burst. (Since I am generally unable to open said packets due to either my weak ‘n delicate lady fingers or secret malevolence on the part of honey packet manufactures, this really should not be a surprise. But Hurray! anyway.)

— New Story Board ep!

— Clio got a Christmas tie and collar!

— I got a librarian job, it’ll start in January of next year. Pending the apocalypse, Hurray!

— A. and I are getting ready to trek up north.

To be continued….


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