Election night

Here’s an interesting article about looking hard at fraud worry regarding voting machines, from the Awl:

The Truth About Voting Machines: What’s Real And What’s A Nutty Election Fraud Conspiracy
(note: using “nutty” annoys me. People who are willing to think outside the box should not be automatically classified as insane, especially when voting machines have documented problems with their software and the proprietary nature of it, and the negligence of their manufacturers. Yeah, I wrote a paper once so I feel informed, so sue me.)

and another from Salon about Ohio and some shady-sounding voting machine updates:

Is the GOP stealing Ohio?
(note: I have no idea if this is substantiated. But I am linking to it anyway. I am being balanced?)

I’m watching NPR’s election coverage with my two of my favorite journalists, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. Also appearing are Brooks and Shields/Shields and Brooks, both of whom I can take or leave. I miss Jim Lehrer, though. In the last presidential election coverage he got a little goofy — none of the Dan Rather expostulatory symptoms, mind you — and said, “LOST MY VOICE. NEED SOME TEA!” Oh yeah, that’s my kind of tea party, Jim!

A lot of states are reporting so early. Must be huge leads in those states, eh? But I can’t live-blog this. I’m too nervous. Have a good night, everyone.


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