Slow progressions

HOORAY! Solid food has completely reentered and commandeered my diet once again!

Of course, this solid food includes a lot of boiled-into-pulp mashed/pureed veggies, toast, bananas, but there are moments. Last night I had a daring helping of pot roast and a completely irresponsible quarter-cup of bleu cheese cole slaw. I’m still being good about alcohol, though. There’s a wine festival coming up soon — I’m abstaining. I was supposed to go paint a faux masterpiece and drink wine in a semi-supervised setting, and I’m abstaining from that, too. (Okay, so that’s more due to lack of funds, but still. Marking it in the ledger.)

A. and I are going to see Dust Up tonight! We should probably watch the Vice Presidential debate, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be awfully similar, so it’s all good.


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