I am shocked, SHOCKED, etc.

An article from last week. Apparently there is evidence that a junk foodie diet could contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s could be the most catastrophic impact of junk food 

I am sure this will not effect ME in any way. Nope. Why would it?

Also in last week’s news, I got the latest Knit Picks catalog. They’re selling conductive thread and a kit called “In Touch Gloves” which has little little snowflakes of the conductive thread on the fingers and thumbs, so that you can wear the gloves and still successfully (supposedly) use your smart phone or tablet or e-reader. Pretty cool. (Although I do not have any of those things. I have my laptop and I have a flip phone, and you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to graduate to those. So I’m probably late to the party on this stuff, but what can you do? I love human adaptability to minor – pardon – nitpicks.)

Knit Picks’ sweet conductive thread

In Touch Gloves kit

Pink and black patterned knit glove with conductive thread in thumb and forefinger
Pink In Touch glove image from knitpicks.com

EDIT/update: like me, Knit Picks is late to the conductive thread party:

DIY iPhone Gloves from Make:Projects


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