Video links and altruistic, pure as the driven-salty-black-licorice promotion

Hey, the Story Board’s episode 2 is up! If you had the misfortune to miss episode 1, have no fear, it can be found on that Youest of Tubes, right here:

The Story Board, ep. 1 
Urban Fantasy: Threat or Menace?

Also (just to hit that salty black licorice taste of completely selfless promotion), my brother-in-law is in A Film. A blood-gushy horror/thriller/action/baby Film. Not only that, it’s a blood-gushy horror/thriller/action/baby Film starring Amber Benson.

Why, do you mean she in the Story Board ep above, you say! The very same! (I say.) Anyhoo, they’re getting some publicity (e.g. Last night they showed up on the front page of Yahoo Movies) so I thought I’d add my own links here.

For your delight, the trailer:

And they also have an Indiegogo thinger set up:

Dust Up at Indiegogo

Check it out! You might even snag yourself an associate producer credit. Huh? Yeah? Oh yeah!

(Man, I totally didn’t remember Clark Gregg was in State and Main.)


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