Are you man enough for all these &%$ing Zzzzzzs?

So last night I was having trouble fall asleep, and rather than follow those obvious solutions like warm milk (ugh), hot tea (it’s too hot outside), or sheeply counts, I found myself trying to psych myself up to drift off. “C’mon!” I encouraged myself. “You can do it! Just fall asleep! Yeah!”

Clearly my head’s been too stuffed with manly men masculinely bellering their love for tea to realize this is not the only or wisest strategy. I didn’t fall asleep, but I did laugh for a while and kept the dog up with me.

The red band trailer for Lawless (John Hillcoat’s new movie) popped up a few days ago, and it looks great. (I’d recommend watching the red band though it’s got some lady nudity, because the “clean” version [aka no scarifying tits but plenty of blood] is overcharged and tiresomely formulaic in comparison.) I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about this for a while now, and while I’m still skeptical of the La Boofster’s acting abilities, I hope he can rise to the level of the chops surrounding him. And also, hurray for more Nick Cave and Warren Ellis soundtracks!

It makes me want to watch The Proposition again. Speaking of scarifying.


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