Bon appétit!

Watch Julia Child Remixed – Keep on Cooking on PBS. See more from PBS Digital Studios.

I really enjoyed this when I first saw it on Julia Child’s 100th birthday. PBS and John Boswell seem to be doing a lot of this lately (see the PBS Digital Studios Channel on youtube), and with apologies to all the sound engineers/mixers who’ve had their jobs made infinitely simpler by the tech, I think it’s the only use of autotune I can fully get behind.

In other news, I updated my Safari browser and got an interesting surprise: the address bar has combined with the search bar. I’m pretty sure Internet Explorer has had this capability for a while, and Firefox calls their version of it “The Awesome Bar” – which, to briefly change the subject, is a name that annoys the hell out of me, because it’s such uninterestingly simple marketing. It’s like Mozilla decided, eh, just say it’s awesome, that’ll bring everyone on board. Simplicity is the new thing. And all of us consumers, we’re supposed to say, Yeah, I’m not old, I’m hip! I have the Awesome bar! Just a second, I’ve got to go get a glass of Radical Milk to eat with my Bestest Ever Cookies and my bag of Super chips. If someone tried to sell me a So-So Bar, I’d probably drop dead.

And incidentally, I DON’T find Safari’s version awesome or otherwise. Technically I suppose it can’t be “awesome.” If I find my user experience “awesome,” does Safari have to pass some trademark/infringement cash to Mozilla? Hrm. I usually used the little search bar space to stick text I was planning to search, or text I wanted to copy format-free. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll get used to you, Awesome-or-Otherwise Bar.

Rerun of Aerosmith on 60 minutes! Eek. PBS is doing a special on rats. Time for The Wire, yep.


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