I refute thee, presumptuous Internet lecturers

I do love the ability to connect with old friends via the Internet, despite our widening differences with regards to our opinions on life, health, politics, entertainment, and well, everything.

Unfortunately, that reliable Book of Face sometimes foists too much reconnection on me. One of my old acquaintances posted this jpeg/gif/wtf-ever and it dutifully slotted into my feed.

source unknown: if you find it, please let me know and I’ll credit

I often feel this conundrum pretty keenly. I think the problem of drugs and/or vitamins as over treatment or cure-all, instead of healthy living and eating choices, is an old one. But! Considering that I would’ve long ago bled to death in an embarrassing and unpleasant way without my pharmaceutical band-aids, I think I have to remove myself from any reasoned, logical commentary about how this type of “advertisement” for healthy eating (which I endorse! I love vegetables! I love fruit! I like the idea of poison/pesticide-free living! Utter deliciousness!) misses the point through gross over-generalization.

Instead I’ll just give this zingy clever image a nice big middle finger. And now that I’m worn out, I’m moving on.


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