Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion!

This morning NPR informed me that today is the birthday of “Castle star” Nathan Fillion!

While I do love me some Castle, I have to confess that like most Fillion fans, my love began in a much earlier, frillier place.

from Can’t Take the Sky’s OMR gallery

He is king of the gag reel. Serenity…


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog…(okay, so this one is for real, not a gag.)

So much so he occasionally gets slapped around a bit.

He is unabashed in his geekery, as evidenced here on the Daly Show…

 and here…

 …and on the Nerdist podcast:

Nerdist no. 65: Nathan Fillion!

He even did evil.

But even with all my Fillion love, I never knew his humble roots till I sought them on the preserve of youtube.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fillion! You have made me laugh many, many times, and your hair and vesty goodness in that last clip shows me that your ability for hilarity abides.


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