It’s nice to only pretend

A. and I tend to fit the Typical Relationship Arguments spectrum pretty tightly: in other words, we have routine bitch sessions about how broke we are. But while we are living only a step or so above paycheck to paycheck right now (I’d say maybe paycheck-and-a-half, until tax time rolls around), we’re not completely broke yet.

So when Daughter Number Three linked to this interesting online poverty simulator:


I was fascinated. Basically it’s a quick and dirty view at trying to survive for a month at the poverty line. In my attempts, I tried both the temp and warehouse jobs, and I tried to be realistic about health insurance: I opted in both times, because the costs of my current UC meds and checkups and procedures would knock me out of the simulation long before Day 3. Interesting that there’s no discussion of pre-existing conditions, but as I said, it’s quick and dirty.

Overall, though, it served as a reiteration of how lucky I am to have a decent job making decent wages with two options besides a car for transport (bus and bike), and that I’m allowed to get cheap(ish) health insurance without paying penalties for having a malfunctioning body. It also helps to not have a kid. Funnily enough, having my particular incarnation of ulcerative colitis is probably cheaper and less stressful.


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