Yet another reading post for this ripping new year

So, this book looks pretty cool:

Winterling by Sarah Prineas

In uncool news, I was poking around on Indiebound and discovered I live about 30 minutes from any independent bookstores. That is just heartbreaking, man.

The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancy

I do not want to read this. I DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS. Except. I kind of do. Maybe if I dig out that expired bottle of promethazine*….

I’ve been spending interesting chunks of paycheck on comics lately. A.’d probably reprimand me if he didn’t read the new Batman, too. Currently I’m enjoying Animal Man, Batwoman, Journey into Mystery, Thor, Mystic (the little four-parter; damn, I hope there are more to come), and Wonder Woman. It’s hard being in that position of comic newbie, when you don’t know all the history of the stories going back to whenever at your brain’s beck and call, despite the wonderful dump that is the Internet. But hey, that is what the Internet is for: Personal Comic History Education, the online/correspondence edition.
Books without shiny covers or gorgeous art or panels or gore. I…a ha ha. Don’t really know any of those, comic or otherwise? Maybe Anna Karenina, which I am still struggling through probably for that reason. I’m also still struggling to finish the Hitchhiker series, and there’s no damn excuse for that.

* That’s for nausea, all you non-clicky, non prescription-drug-nerds out there. Lucky you!


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