A little signal boost

Internet control! It’s always fun. Here’s Hank Green of the brothers Green getting slightly irate about it: His unnamed creepy song (from whatever creepy movie/dinner theatre thing he saw) intertwined with his vlog reminds me of the Rosemary’s Baby theme. Which, thanks to the internet, you can find on youtube. Or you can listen to this dude playing it on the theremin. WOULD YOU TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US, CONGRESS???

Okay, so maybe performance rules make the theremin thing is acceptable. I’m pretty much only reliable copyright info-wise when it comes to the law of first sale. Thanks, library school!

Oh, right. Here’s the link to the petition page:

Contact your congresspeople, too. I’m still unsure which is taken LESS seriously by congresspeople: internet petitions, or emails from constituents.


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