Friday stuff

Happy Friday! I happened upon a lot of silly stuff this week. Here’s a little bit of it.

Screenshot is of this Vice article.

Was the biggest co-what? Cohabitant? Collective bargainer? Colonoscopy? (Oh right, you say, this blog is supposed to have a theme. I’m tryin’.) The biggest Co-LINKLINKLINKTHISTOOTHERPEOPLE, I guess. No, it’s not just my browser, c’mon! What a tease.

Also funny to me, the time-out page from the USDA’s National Agriculture Library, AGRICOLA:

Ha! Watching the…corn…grow. Yes, it’s all right, I’m from the northern heartland, folks.

 Was charmed by this:


If you’re a Jeff Bridges fan, you’ll probably enjoy this, too:

Finally, I recently happened across this list of links from the Bodleian Library’s Map Room:  

Cool (Online) Map Links 

All the maps you can stomach and MORE.

Have a great nearly-Halloween weekend! I have yet to get a pumpkin, and the dog’s getting impatient.

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