Way too much excitement for this diseased lady

I’ve “liked” CCFA so they show up on my facebook newsfeed. I don’t mind; they’re not too spammy and I like seeing their links to articles or webinars, occasional though they may be. However, this caught my eye this morning:

Oh, that pesky exclamation point. And I know that we’ve all discussed with our circles of family and friends how inappropriate the “like” button can seem when applied in certain contexts. 65 people like that 1.4 million Americans have trouble poopin’? (It’s probably MORE by now, I took that screencap yesterday morning.) I know, I know, I’m being deliberately obtuse. But the literal “liking” and the exclamation go so well together. I picture historians from a future society coming across little tidbits like these, and pausing to give each other a Twenty-first century, man. So damn happy about everything. Fucked up look.


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