Compulsively yours, with sparky Mr. Good(bar)ness

Do you ever wonder about people who are compulsive liars? Or do you just judge them harshly and then sail on with your life, feeling very smug that you have never lied about anything…except that one time, when your friend said something and you weren’t paying attention so you didn’t hear but you said, “Oh, right, I totally get you,” anyway, and they gave you this funny look. And they could have totally called you on it, but they DIDN’T, because they are kind, forgiving people.

Although they probably judged you very harshly and then sailed smugly on with their lives.

Hmm. That was a weird mental blergh up there.

Today on my bike ride home, I saw a van with MR. ELECTRIC blazoned on its sides. And that got me thinking, is “MISTER” supposed to ping a deep instinctual reaction in me? Mysterious figures of authority would obviously install the most trustworthy wiring? It’s like my high school history teacher or my elementary school principal. (In high school, we called the principal by his last name only. My, but we were bad-ASS. And in college, it was either first names or “Doctor.” Huh.)

Or maybe! It’s a throwback to Georgian England, and all the Misters cavorting around then. No doubt in addition to Messrs Darcy and Bingley there was a Mister Candlemaker and a Mister Typesetter and quite possibly a Mister Cheese-Tray. Although maybe not, maybe only rich landed gentlemen who were special and broody could use the title.

Have some unsourced/sourced (sauce or no sauce?) Wikipedia:

Mister, usually written in its abbreviated form Mr (Commonwealth English) or Mr. (American English), is a commonly used English honorific for men under the rank of knighthood.

Relatedly, this is funny – I mean, ah, instinctively trustworthy.

I’d like to see a Ms. Electric van. Although I suppose it would have to be pink, with little sparky flower decals. Might not get much business, but hoo boy, the attention!


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