Mixed bag

Am finally limping toward recovery from the weebling/wobbling/whatever the hell this fake flare-up was. On the bright side for my liver, my alcohol consumption has diminished considerably so as to be nonexistent. So that’s something.

What’s in the sinny-ma these days, har har?
With promises of Junior Mints I managed to entice A. into seeing the final Harry Potter installment with me. I liked it fine (great dragon!) but I’ve come to accept that when it comes to these movies? Honestly? The trailer does it for me:

It’s kind of sad, I know. But then I’ve always been a books-first kind of girl, and Daniel Radcliffe (while certainly masterful, heh) is not my mind’s Harry Potter.

Am watching Torchwood. It’s all right (Gwen is kicking ass and we had our nice lewd Captain Jack gets laid scene) but I keep waiting/hoping for the Doctor to show up. Speaking of!



While I find it funny, I also object to the above, because it reminds of something Kermode and Mayo were talking about – the current trend in apologies for bad movies, such as Sam Worthington talking about how bad Clash of the Titans was and how he would do better, and Michael Bay’s apology for the shit that was Transformers 2. And then they/whoever go on and make another shitty movie. NOTHING IS LEARNED! So while this made me laugh and enjoy their (Cuse and Lindelhof, Lindelhof and Cuse?) ability to poke fun at themselves, it also irritated me because perhaps, with enough editing/unbiased crit they could have addressed some of these issues while the show was going on? So we didn’t have the dippy ending? Bah.

But still. Funny.

And now for intellectual pursuits, aka books
I’m editing a friend’s novel! It’s fun.

Also, I’m trying to read Robopocalypse. It’s got some good parts, but it’s not holding my attention.


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