Food links

I made these lovelies last night. They were delicious! I think next time I’ll see how well they broil/bake in the sauce rather than sear/fry.

Overall I’m really liking the whole site (Budget Bytes); so far it’s been good at providing me with tasty, easy dinner and side dish ideas that don’t require a ton of cream and butter, something I run into occasionally with recipes labelled Quick and/or Gourmet. Those usually go something like Need a fast summer recipe? Melt a stick of butter with garlic and pour over pasta. Serve, die of heart attack AND kill your guests! Deeelightful! But these? Not so much. At least, not yet. Check out her site, it’s nice.

Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with butter and cream. No siree.


2 thoughts on “Food links

  1. Oh, are you a vegetarian? I had no idea! (Not that we constantly talk about steaks or the merits of cow v. chicken, but still!)

    I recently happened upon this one, and while I haven't made anything from it yet, I'm enjoying just reading the recipes:

    Veggie Bistro


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